The Writer

I walked up to a person, he whispered in my ear

He said: “hey, lady, come over here.”

He lead me towards a strange place and I decided I would follow

It was a small tunnel, where the darkness seemed to swallow

I started getting nervous, like there was something to be done

But then again, in a fight, he would have won

So I decided to keep going, trying not to look back at the pack of people swarming around

The tunnel seemed to lead no where, only into the dark

But then I finally saw a spark . . .

I was nervous still, of course, wanting to turn around, but I followed the man into a room

I just hoped he didn’t lead me to my doom

Inside the place, there sat a writer, writing endlessly with a pen

I looked down at her papers and what I saw was strange, I could’ve sworn it was the exact turn of events, but then again . . .

No, it was my situation– she wrote down everything just as it happened

Even my process of thoughts . . . then she turned around with a cat in her lap and

All I could think of to say was “h-h-hey . . .” and it seemed like this was the right way

I looked back at the man who lead me, but he was no where to be found

I decided I’d stop messing around

So I asked the writer her name, and I found a dilemma . . .

She said her name was Jemma.


Book Review: The Van Gogh Deception

30971738The Van Gogh Deception by Deron Hicks is an edge-of-my-seat masterpiece, if you know what I mean. It revolves around a boy who has amnesia that somehow knows all about endless artwork. He is taken in by a family consisting of a woman and her little girl, Camille. In a trip to the museum that hoped to jog his memory, unexpected things start happening. Well, even more unexpected things . . .


As you might have noticed, I haven’t been using a lot of photos I’ve taken recently. I used book covers from the internet, a collage of photos made using the computer, et cetera. This is because, at the moment, I’m not at my home. I’ve been “hotel-hopping” with my mom, because our house has mold inside it, that has been infecting us ever since we moved in.

Therefore, it’s a bit hard to do much. I’ll try to take a few pictures (although, they may not have the best backgrounds or lighting) and keep up with posting, through all this. I enjoy my blog so much– and all of you! So, I will do what I can in the time being, which will probably consist of:

  • Drawings/Paintings
  • Book Reviews
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Anything-Else-That-I-Can-Think-Of-That-Doesn’t-Require-Personally-Taken-Photos

Thanks for reading, and have a great day, all.

This Is What I’ve Been Doing…

So, over the summer, (or any time, frankly) you haven’t heard a lot from me. I’ve been doing mainly these things:

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Minecraft

Don’t ever tell me Minecraft is just a bunch of blocks… since this is what I have been making.

Minecraft Isn't Just A Bunch Of Blocks.jpg

This and so much more . . . I hope I can get back to regularly posting, though. I really enjoy this blog, so don’t leave just yet, Jemma is back!

Book Review: Because Of Mr. Terupt

Because Of Mr. Terupt is a fascinating book. It revolves around a teacher, different from any other teacher these students at Snow Hill School have had before, who did more than just teach them. Each student had their flaws, and Mr. Terupt knew so. By the end of the year, everything had changed . . .

For the better.

This story is absolutely heartwarming, where the students go through thick and thin together, even if they may not have dared to speak to each other at the beginning of the year.