Writers’ Tricks

Hello again, all! (Two posts in one day— I know, right?) I was just adding to one of my work-in-progress stories on Google Docs, when I thought I’d share a few of my own little author’s tricks with you.

1. If you don’t know what to name a chapter or your whole book, skip it until you really know what it’s about.

2. Writer’s block? Take a moment away from your screen to clear your head, or read back through your book to see what would make the most sense next.

3. Having trouble finding the right words? Use dictionary.com or thesaurus.com (or the app) for convenience.

That’s all for now! I may edit this post to my liking with more tips and tricks, and if you have an idea or need help with something, comment below so I can put it on here!


No matter why you’re on my blog,

Just browsing or for fun

I’d just like to thank you

No matter where you’re from!

South Korea, Germany,

United States, ITALY!

I’ve gotten views from these places and more

I thought my blog was remote

Something you’d never come across

But now I see from all of you

That I’ve really come so far!

So thank you, each and every one

For showing me that you see me, you’re not just speeding by in your *metaphorical* car!

(It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be a poem, but my mind just wanted it to rhyme . . . so it’s a poem now, I guess?)

Happy National Bad Poetry Day… Oh No…


This is going to  hard for me.

VERY hard.

Poem 1

I once sailed the seven seas

With a pair of peas  PINEAPPLES

They plugged the leak in our boat

And they kept us afloat ABOVE WATER

Just stop reading.

Poem 2

Pusheen is grey

Storm clouds are grey

Narwhals are gray

I like kiwi

You have no idea how hard that was for me.

NO idea.

At all.

(Tell me which poem was your favorite in the comments!)

Word Hunting

I’ve decided to share a little author’s secret with you. Sometimes I like to go on dictionary browses. I just get out my Dictionary or Dicionary App of Awesomeness and thumb (or scroll) through some pages to see what I find. On my most recent search I’ve found this:

– Brobdingnagian

– trapezohedron

– triboluminescent

– shellac

See, word hunting, as I call it, is fun! It’s great to expand your vocabulary, and great authors need great words. Happy hunting!

Fun Writing Exercises

image1) Writing Prompts- These are so fun because they really bring out your voice!

2) Describe A Random Emotion Without Saying it Or A Synonym Of It- This is great to teach “Show, Not Tell” in an enjoyable way! Read it to someone and see if they can guess the emotion!

3) Write a Paragraph About Anything Only Using Words With Three or Less Letters- This is a good exercise to see if you twist the rules or what you come up with!

4) Describe a Place. Any Place. Describe It And Make It Emit an Emotion- Ex. I looked at the jungle temple. It had vines all over and was made of stone. It was a long, rectangular building. I entered through the hollow opening. I took a step. Then another. As soon as I took a third step, the stone brick under my foot was pushed down. Immediately, two walls covered the entrance and exit. Then I started to fall. I landed in something that looked like a trash chute. It was heading toward a lake. Full of hungry crocodiles. I looked at my surroundings. I had a hanging vine to my right. Maybe if I just could . . .

(This was ‘dangerous’. Did you get it?)

5) Writing About Weather- have fun with this. Go outside, and write about the weather we’re having! This is something a lot of writers leave out- weather. If you’re ever stuck in your story, have your characters experience a storm!

6) Try writing a paragraph of anything in the room WITHOUT using the letter ‘S’. Good luck, I wonder what you will come up with!

All the credit of these ideas goes to Charles Ames Fischer, author of Beyond Infinity.