The Writer

I walked up to a person, he whispered in my ear

He said: “hey, lady, come over here.”

He lead me towards a strange place and I decided I would follow

It was a small tunnel, where the darkness seemed to swallow

I started getting nervous, like there was something to be done

But then again, in a fight, he would have won

So I decided to keep going, trying not to look back at the pack of people swarming around

The tunnel seemed to lead no where, only into the dark

But then I finally saw a spark . . .

I was nervous still, of course, wanting to turn around, but I followed the man into a room

I just hoped he didn’t lead me to my doom

Inside the place, there sat a writer, writing endlessly with a pen

I looked down at her papers and what I saw was strange, I could’ve sworn it was the exact turn of events, but then again . . .

No, it was my situation– she wrote down everything just as it happened

Even my process of thoughts . . . then she turned around with a cat in her lap and

All I could think of to say was “h-h-hey . . .” and it seemed like this was the right way

I looked back at the man who lead me, but he was no where to be found

I decided I’d stop messing around

So I asked the writer her name, and I found a dilemma . . .

She said her name was Jemma.



No matter why you’re on my blog,

Just browsing or for fun

I’d just like to thank you

No matter where you’re from!

South Korea, Germany,

United States, ITALY!

I’ve gotten views from these places and more

I thought my blog was remote

Something you’d never come across

But now I see from all of you

That I’ve really come so far!

So thank you, each and every one

For showing me that you see me, you’re not just speeding by in your *metaphorical* car!

(It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be a poem, but my mind just wanted it to rhyme . . . so it’s a poem now, I guess?)




Elephant parade



Elegance and grace



Embezzled money from a safe



Equality is best

Everything is better with e’s in the alphabet.

(Note: I wasn’t trying to rhyme)


The tetherball clangs against the metal pole

Echoing against the layers of quiet

Not one person is there

To hear the beat but me

As I dance along to the rhythm

I tap dance with my shoes

And grab a rubber ball

That bounces along with me

I give the tetherball another little swing

So come with me,

Dance to the music of scilence

Enchanted Places

I smile at the cars whizzing by

I am glad to be in this enchanted place

The hum of the cars and the chirps of the crickets

Create the orchestra of man and plant

I bob my head to the tune, even close my eyes

I sit on the wall and lower my gaze,

The grasses below me waving hello

Without even stepping on them,

I can tell they have fresh dew

I stay there, entranced

I don’t know how long

I hear someone calling my name

I turn around to see my friend waving

I follow, leaving the magic behind

Goodbye, I will be back