Some Famous Chickens

I am dedicating this post to chickenlover3. They are moving and I would like to give them a little bit of a going-away gift. To chickenlover3!

  1. Foghorn Leghorn- This character has appeared on Loony Toons and was created in 1946. image
  2. Camilla The Chicken- I think most of you know Camilla. She is a character on The Muppets, as the love of Gonzo’s life. image
  3. Chicken Little/Henny Penny/ Chicken Licken- Well, not much explaining needed here. Chicken Little imagined the sky was falling one day and got tricked by a fox. image
  4. The Little Red Hen- The Little Red Hen is of a Russian origin. It’s a folk tale where Little Red Hen is baking but when she asks for help, none of her three sisters offer. When the baking is done, all her sisters want to eat it, but since they didn’t help she won’t let them.imageThat’s all for now! Thanks for visiting my blog!