Lord Of The Flies Poetry

A few months back, my grade was reading The Lord of The Flies and we were asked to do a project on it. My project was a series of poems on the book– so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Captured by the Sea

A fall, a death

Over the mighty ocean waves

The clashing of water lapping in the body

Of the one named Piggy, the one left sane

Chaos arose

Fire, burning, beasties!

No longer could he save Ralph

From his insanities

Just like the glasses, everyone broke

Savages raging

War cries blaring

Ralph hiding

Until the end of peace and war

Yet the one named Piggy was forever lost

To the abyss called their memories

The One They Called Jack Merridew


The ruthless chief, prepared for battle

Battling only himself

The fighting inside of his own mind

Is greater than any war

He spills the blood of any foe

He sharpens sticks at both ends

He cuts the throats of any man

No one knows the mystery of the one

They called Jack Merridew

Jack no longer was his name, he left his past behind

Chief, he went by now, and lost the him inside

No more were his cares about hitting a C sharp, choir was far beyond

The one called Jack Merridew

But Merridew no longer was his name, t’would never be

Because that choir boy was lost far, far out at sea

Beast From Us

Beast from water, beast from air

Beast from fire, beast from mind

Beast from earth, beast from fear

Beast from everywhere, only beasts aren’t real

Evidence flew back away

Simon died in complete vain

His quest annulled and body gone

The beast had won even if it never was

Beast from island

Beast from wind

Beast from boys

Beast from trees

Beast from everywhere, only beasts aren’t real

Beasts are only British schoolboys afraid of their own fear

Beasts are only parachuters coming down from warfare

Beasts are only pig heads on sticks coming to life

Because of a boy named Simon who’s losing his mind

Beasts are only inside us

Not under our beds

The beasts are in imagination

There are no beasties anymore

Except the beasts that make up us

The Buzzing

Buzz, buzz

It buzzed and stared with those willing black eyes

A single speck of light dared to flash off the figure

Buzz, buzz

His heart started pumping as he looked at the pig

To see those eyes, those willing black eyes

Buzz, buzz

Simon took a breath and he knew what he had to do

The buzzing grew louder and he couldn’t stand it anymore

Buzz, buzz

The consistency turned into a voice and he had no choice

There was something different about those willing black eyes, those evil black eyes

Buzz, buzz

It was the Lord of the Flies

Simon talked with him in fear of what would happen next

Buzz, buzz

Simon climbed up the mountain

He saw the body and he figured it out

Little did he know, he wasn’t in for a treat

He wasn’t saving anyone

Those sharpened spears coming to the body in pain

Simon gave up and took one last breath

He was carried out to water and in the distance he could still hear

Buzz, buzz

The Conch

Silvery and white

Pink and flowing

Rough and loud

Spiked and bumpy

Harmonious yet discordant

Catastrophic yet peaceful

The conch was yin and yang, dark and light

Commotion and order

Tranquility and death

Discord and accord

Rules and anarchy

All at once

None of that mattered when it was destroyed

In the hands of Piggy, by the hand of Roger

And nothing remained but chaos

Eternal chaos

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