Quiz: What Class Of Animal Are You?


What Class Of Animal Are You?


1. Pockets or no pockets?

a. YES, (most of the time)

b. Naaaaw

c. I don’t know

d. Maybe

2. Antartica, Australia, the air, or ____?

a. Australia! Love the heat!

 b. _______________________

c. Antartica

d. THE AIR!!

3. Would you like to have more teeth than you do now?

a. Yep. Think of how much food I could eat . . .

b. No. WAY too uncomfortable.

c. I REALLY don’t know.

d. I don’t think I have any teeth.


Mostly a’s: You’re a marsupial! Some examples are opossums, kangaroos, and koalas.

Mostly b’s: You are a mammal! (Which is basically still what we humans are. Well, you humans.)

Mostly c’s: You’re probably already dead. You couldn’t survive a DAY in Antartica. (Unless the very slim chance that you’re a penguin.)

Mostly d’s: You’re a bird! Flap your wings and fly away!

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3 thoughts on “Quiz: What Class Of Animal Are You?

  1. Have a great day. Love you lots!Attached is today’s verse. 🙏😃Love, DadJeff TaylorNPC Colorado ChairmanNPC / IFBB Promoterwww.ColoradoNPC.comwww.MuscleQuest.comjtnpc@comcast.net


  2. Me=marsupial!


    1. OOH! I was just a bird.


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