Quiz: What Class Of Animal Are You?


What Class Of Animal Are You?


1. Pockets or no pockets?

a. YES, (most of the time)

b. Naaaaw

c. I don’t know

d. Maybe

2. Antartica, Australia, the air, or the U.S.A?

a. Australia! Love the heat!

 b. U.S.A all the way!

c. Antartica

d. THE AIR!!

3. Would you like to have more teeth than you do now?

a. Yep. Think of how much food I could eat . . .

b. No. WAY too uncomfortable.

c. I REALLY don’t know.

d. I don’t think I have any teeth.


Mostly a’s: You’re a marsupial! Some examples are opossums, kangaroos, and koalas.

Mostly b’s: You are a mammal! (Which is basically still what we humans are. Well, you humans.)

Mostly c’s: You’re probably already dead. You couldn’t survive a DAY in Antartica. (Unless the very slim chance that you’re a penguin.)

Mostly d’s: You’re a bird! Flap your wings and fly away!

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