Tommy the Duck Part 5

Tommy screamed. He screamed for help, for forgiveness. Why had he been such a know-it-all with the other ducks?

“QUAAAACK!” His cry echoed around the canyon.

Tommy closed his eyes and waited for his death to come. Fitting it should end this way, Tommy thought through the duck-to-human translator. So he waited, and then . . . BANG.

That must be the sound of me crashing to my death. Wait- if that is so, then am I in the afterlife? Tommy opened his eyes. To his surprise, he was laying face up, floating above the Grand Canyon. No, not floating. Tommy turned the other way, and, again to his surprise, he was laying on top of the blue Telephone Box!

Tommy saw a face appear from inside. It was Lydia, one of the other ducks. She gestured him inside. So Tommy jumped off the top and grabbed her hand. All the other ducks were behind her, smiling at him.

Tommy thanked them all. He asked if the other ducks wanted to operate this ship with him. Most of them replied that it was way too complex, but there was one thing they wanted with this ship . . . to go to the MOON! Tommy said he would let them go to the moon, but realized that one duck hadn’t said so. It was Lydia. She was the one who wanted to stay. To be his partner.

So that was how The Duckter came to be. (That’s what Tommy called himself.) He decided to call his big flying box the TARDIS- short for the Totally Awesomely Radical Duck-Infiltrated Space. So, kids, if you ever hear of the Blue Box, just know that The Duckter has been there.

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