Little Abigail The Threequel Part Three

In the previous Little Abigail misadventures,

  • Little Abigail got eaten by a pink unicorn
  • Then pulled out by Pipsqueak, a dish soap-eating chipmunk with the help of her father
  • Finally, she went out looking for a unicorn again with her unicorn tracker, to find herself in a bit of a jam . . .


Little Abigail looked up from her unicorn tracker. Just like the screen said, there were three different unicorns, although they all looked exactly the same. They were each white and perfect. They were all closing in on her. Soon, she’d have nowhere to run. Which one was evil and who weren’t?

Pipsqueak soon followed her out the door, except on a tiny horse wind-up toy. Then he noticed the unicorns huddled around Abigail. He scampered right back inside. Abigail still didn’t have a clue which was which.

Then one coughed. It coughed again. The next time, it coughed up pink sparkles. Finally, it choked up something. A bone.


Little Abigail had made her decision. Infact, it was one of the most important decisions of her life.

“I don’t want a unicorn anymore. Goodbye.” She crawled through the unicorns’ legs and walked home.





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