Crafty Creations: Ice Cream Cone

imageHey, everyone! Time to get crafty… I hope you like ice cream! I am doing a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an ice cream cone with items around the house.

Step 1. Get a Christmas light- one that is unused or fell off, preferably image

Step 2. Take the little wires at the bottom of the light (don’t worry, it’s safe as long as it’s not plugged in- just a little pokey) and bend them down

Step 3: Now the light should slide out of it’s little casing easily, since the wires are down image

Step 4: You can save the light part now if you want, but we won’t need it anymore.  XD Maybe try making a tiny candelabra! image

Step 5: Now, rip off a small bit of toilet paper.


Step 6: Get the toilet paper damp and roll it into a ball. image

Step 7: Once dry, glue the ball into the cone. It may take some adjusting. image

Step 8: Get a Sharpie, pen or paint and color the ball whatever flavor you like! image

Step 9: Coat the ball in Mod Podge, so nothing will fall apart. image

Ta da! You’re done!

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