Little Abigail The Threequel Part 2

First off, that’s a mouthful. Second off, well, let’s just get started.

“What do you mean?” Abigail asked.

“Follow.” Pipsqueak IV scurried along into Abigail’s bedroom. He fit into one of her dresser drawers and started throwing things amiss. He went into the very corner of her drawer and picked something up wrapped in an old shirt. He pulled the thing inside and sunk it into his paws to show Abigail. It was a Unicorn Tracker 796. Er, at least that’s what it said on the painters tape over the top. It kinda just looked like a walkie-talkie.

Abigail would take her chances, though. Who knows what it really was? It didn’t matter. She wanted a unicorn, no matter what it took. Abigail took it into her hand and pressed the on button. A tracking screen and a few dots blinked onto the screen. One dot was white, that was them, one was red, that was a bad unicorn, and three dots were green, the good unicorns. It was fantastic!

Abigail started walking and her dot moved. She was heading towards a good unicorn. She walked downstairs, where her dad was doing the dishes. She headed outside, through the forest surrounding her home. The dots started moving toward her on the screen. Two green, one red. Oh no. Now three identical unicorns surrounded her. Which was which? Abigail tried to look at her screen but the unicorns were too close together- all the dots overlapped.

How would she tell the difference?



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