Fun Writing Exercises

image1) Writing Prompts- These are so fun because they really bring out your voice!

2) Describe A Random Emotion Without Saying it Or A Synonym Of It- This is great to teach “Show, Not Tell” in an enjoyable way! Read it to someone and see if they can guess the emotion!

3) Write a Paragraph About Anything Only Using Words With Three or Less Letters- This is a good exercise to see if you twist the rules or what you come up with!

4) Describe a Place. Any Place. Describe It And Make It Emit an Emotion- Ex. I looked at the jungle temple. It had vines all over and was made of stone. It was a long, rectangular building. I entered through the hollow opening. I took a step. Then another. As soon as I took a third step, the stone brick under my foot was pushed down. Immediately, two walls covered the entrance and exit. Then I started to fall. I landed in something that looked like a trash chute. It was heading toward a lake. Full of hungry crocodiles. I looked at my surroundings. I had a hanging vine to my right. Maybe if I just could . . .

(This was ‘dangerous’. Did you get it?)

5) Writing About Weather- have fun with this. Go outside, and write about the weather we’re having! This is something a lot of writers leave out- weather. If you’re ever stuck in your story, have your characters experience a storm!

6) Try writing a paragraph of anything in the room WITHOUT using the letter ‘S’. Good luck, I wonder what you will come up with!

All the credit of these ideas goes to Charles Ames Fischer, author of Beyond Infinity.


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