Quiz: What Type Of Blog Should You Have?

QUIZ: What Type Of Blog Shold You Have?


         1. What are your hobbies?

a. Crafting, DIY stuff

b. The arts- theatre, art, music, dance

c. Reading, writing

d. Helping animals, doing volunteer work

e. Cooking, baking

          2. What picture? (I do not own the rights to any of these photos.)

a. image




e. image

          3. Choose a word.

a. Creativity

b. Freedom

c. Thoughtfulness

d. Kindness

e. Spice

          4. What’s a favorite item of yours?

a. My glue gun

b. My headphones

c. Any book, anywhere

d. My pets (that’s not an item, but who cares?)

e. My oven

          5. If you had a TV show, what would it be called?

a. DIY Network

b. So You Think You Can Act?

c. Writing Wars

d. Endangered Animal Awareness Program

e. Cooking With ______

          6. Lastly, what would the name of your blog be?

a. DIY Central

b. Artsy Me

c. Fan Fiction Fanatic

d. The Animal Kingdom

e. What’s Cookin’?


MOSTLY A’S: Crafts

MOSTLY B’S: The Arts

MOSTLY C’S: Fan Fiction

MOSTLY D’S: Endergered Animals

MOSTLY E’S: Cooking, Baking, and All That Jazz!

Tell me in the comments what you got!

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