Little Abigail The Threequel


Just kidding, sorry for the drama. Let’s get to it.

Most of you know my Little Abigail story. I had a lot of fun with it and want to bring it back. Even if you don’t know her, here’s a short summary of what happened to Little Abigail in her last two misadventures. Little Abigail had always wanted a unicorn. So one day she walked into the forest and found one. It ate her and she died. So they thought. Her father came to rescue her along with Pipsqueak IV, a chipmunk. She got barfed out, the end. That’s where we have come to pick up. So get ready for . . . Little Abigail, The THREEQUEL! (By the way, I don’t think threequel is actually a word, but correct me if I’m wrong.)


Little Abigail sat at the dining room table with her parents. It had been two years since the incident, so now she was nine. She was still lonely. All she ever wanted was a unicorn to be her best friend. They would have ice cream together and play Rainbow Unicorns To The Rescue. She sighed.

“Honey, we know you want a unicorn. Most of them are  feral and untamable. We made a mistake by not telling you this, we just didn’t want to disappoint you,” Little Abigail’s mother said. She had given this speech many times, all in different forms. Nevertheless, Abigail still wanted a unicorn.

Abigail stopped poking at her food and starts walking up the stairs to her room.

“I lost my appetite,” she said. Her mother and father looked at each other. They didn’t like seeing her like this. As Abigail reached the upstairs hallway, she saw Pipsqueak IV. They had kind of taken him in.

“Hi, Pip.”

“Aw, what’s the matter, Ab?”

“Same as always.” She kept walking.

“Well, well, Ab! I- I- think I can help . . .”



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2 thoughts on “Little Abigail The Threequel

  1. At first I thought it was triquel, but autocorrect didn’t think so . . . Someone please tell me what it is!!


  2. I love it so far & can’t wait for more of the story!


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