Quiz: Are You Crafty?




  1. You have extra pencil sharpener shavings. What do you do with them?

a. Throw them up into the air for confetti

b. Use them as the bottom as a mini hampster cage

c. Throw them away

d. Other

2. You get an Amazon package. What do you use it for?

a. Scoot around the house in it

b. Save the cardboard for later, cardboard is a crafter’s best friend!

c. Throw it away

d. Other

3. You find two bottle caps. What do you do with them?

a. Stack them on your head

b. Make tiny headphones out of them

c. Give them to a friend who has a bottle cap collection

d. Other



MOSTLY A’S: Not too crafty, but a quirky personality!

MOSTLY B’S: Keep it up, fantabulous crafter!

MOSTLY C’S: Not very crafty

MOSTLY D’S: How would I know, you always chose ‘Other’!

Tell me in the comments what you got!

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