Happy Memorial Day!

imageTo honor Memorial Day, I decided to do my first actual quiz! Well, here it goes.

Quiz: What Hogwarts House Are You In?

  1. You are confronted with a door. What do you do?

a. Bust it down

b. Knock

c. Look for the key

d. Pick the lock

2. You were invited to a party that your friends weren’t invited to.  What do you do?

a. Ask the host if there was a mistake

b. Tell your friends that it’s okay, you will miss it and stay back with them

c. Bribe the host to let them in

d.  Sneak them in

3. You are getting bullied at school. What do you do?

a. Turn the bully into a ferret

b. Tell a teacher

c. Use your amazing comebacks to outsmart the bully

d. I don’t get bullied, I’m a pure blood.

MOSTLY A’S: Griffindor

MOSTLY B’S: Hufflepuff

MOSTLY C’S: Ravenclaw

MOSTLY D’S: Slytherin

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