Bloodstained Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Cathleen Harper

I was puzzled. Where was everyone else? I was in the bathroom but when I came out, no one was there. Lauren was actually in there with me, but she came out earlier than me and now I can’t find her. Now I was in the science room, waiting for a teacher to show up, at least. Something was up.
I knew it wasn’t some dream or surprise party. I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t dare touch anything, especially in a science class with dangerous chemicals. The teachers might be mad at me if I did. What if this was a test to see if I was trustworthy?
No. Couldn’t be. They couldn’t have set this act up so quickly. Plus, none of the students would agree to so it so fast. Most of them hate me because I am a rule follower. They definitely wouldn’t do it. I thought back to my friends. Where were they? I hope they are safe.
I hear someone storming down the hall. I don’t know what to do. If it’s a teacher and I hide in the bathroom, I could get in trouble, and I don’t want to ruin my perfect A+ report card, and a Satisfactory + in behavior. I’m starting to think that that’s becoming silly. I don’t care right now. I look back. The person has a black suit and a mask on, so I can’t tell who it is. It must be a teacher. I see an ID card on the side of her/his left sleeve. I just can’t see who it is because it is flipped the other way.
“Think you’re being smart, do you?”
“Oh!” I say. I’ve never gotten in trouble before. I don’t know what to do. I must say, this is a first. “I’m so sorry! Allow me to explain myself! Do I have to go to the principle’s office? I’ll make sure I explain everything! I don’t mean any harm!”
“Stop overreacting, you little brat.” Brat. Now that’s a name I’ve never been called before. I know that I can’t fight now. You can’t sass teachers. If I wrote a rule book, “Don’t sass teachers” would be the top and foremost rule out of anything except “Respect all adults.” The reason why Miranda and Liv hate me so much is because they think that I am too reliant on adults, and I think that they can solve any problems. Which I am going to admit up to that. . . I am a little bit. I felt so bad one time. I tattletale on Olivia, and reported her to my parents when I could’ve just talked to her and told her to stop. I don’t know why I was acting so stupid.
The teacher says to me; “You know what you did. And you are going to die.”
“Well- well- what?”
“The only reason the squirts kept you up here was because you can a one hundred percent on your last standardized testing. But no. I don’t believe in treating students correctly.”
“Sorry ma’am. I’m not sure I understand.” I said. “Wait, you are a ma’am, right?”
The teacher (that I think I’ve seen from eighth grade) threw a first at me. I dodged it and ran. It was a great time to call the police. I’d do that when I got to the gas station maybe outside. So I changed my directions and charged toward the school doors.
I barely made it outside, but the man/woman/person was still chasing me. I passed the gas station by the road, but . . . Wait. Could it be? No. I was just envisioning things. Did I see . . . Miranda?

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  1. Do you all like my Bloodstained story? Let me know!


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