Bloodstained Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Miranda Sanders

I was not about to give up now. My friends were relying on me. Well, not exactly. They don’t even know I’m alive. But all that’s about to change. I have to wait until the school day’s over to go home, otherwise my mom will be suspicious. My dad and I have been keeping the secret from her for a long time. So, I’m just hanging out at the gas station. People keep giving me creepy, weird, or evil looks. It’s pretty freaky.
I felt really bad for Olivia. I should have given her a sign. She was probably bawling her eyes out when she saw the blood on the nurse’s pillow. I looked down at my arm and the huge gash on it. Oh, the life of a real-life actress. Ish. Well, you’ll understand later. It stung a lot. At least I had bought some Band-Aids and gauze at the convenience store next to the gas station. I should have probably put them on. So I attempted to wrap Duct Tape over the pad.

Key word: attempted.

It was really agonizing just waiting there. I think I’ve already described that a lot, but it’s all I can think of. Well, my teacher says that being repetitive is good to state your point. Oh, school. I hate it, yet I’m so good at it. I hate when people tell me that I’m smart. I just want to be normal. Oh, Olivia. I didn’t want to lie to her. She was such a good friend. Oh, and the others, too.

I had gone to check the mail that morning. I saw this letter. Dad keeps getting these letters.
This time, I actually read the addresses.
Paul Mayschure
791 Little Putting Drive,
Mayerman Creek Acres, Colorado

Mr. Paul has been mailing my dad? I know for a fact that this isn’t a report card. I put my finger around the seal.

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