Character Interview With Little Abbigail


JemmaT: Hello, Little Abigail!

Little Abigail: Hi hi

JemmaT: I understand you got swallowed by a unicorn. Are you okay? Do you remember it?

Little Abigail: I got owies but I is okay

JemmaT: That’s good to hear! 

Little Abigail: Why?

JemmaT: It’s . . . Complicated. Let’s go with that. So I presume that you are a fan of unicorns?

Little Abigail: No, I like them, I don’t fan them.

JemmaT: Ai yai yai. It’s hard having six year olds to interview.

Abigail: Why?

JemmaT: Well, because you don’t understand some things. 

Abigail: Why?

JemmaT: Ask yourself.

Abigail: Why? 






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