Amazing Ducks Chapter 3

Amazing Ducks

Chapter 3

Tommy watch as the duck trapped inside the machine screamed with agony.


Tommy used his expertise and got a big stick. He stuck it into the crack of the machine and told all the others to help him pull to wrench the door open. It did take a lot of strength, but the ducks got it to open. It was as Tommy suspected. As they looked through the door, they saw the very thing that defied physics.

“Honk quack quack honk quake quack?” Tommy asked the duck who had been trapped. He has asked why the duck had not said anything about the big room inside. He replied that it seemed completely normal. Obviously, these ducks were not scientists. The others just filed into the mansion. Tommy saved outside to survay the illusion.

It wasn’t possible. But seemingly out of nowhere, a man ran toward the pond. He had a long, brown trench coat on and Tommy recognized him immediately. Tommy knew he didn’t have much time, so he shoved the rest of the ducks in the telephone box. He went in, closed the door, and looked around for a control panel.

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