Bloodstained Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Olivia Carter

I need to know where Lauren, Jenna, and Cathleen are. As much as Cathleen can be a pain in the butt, I still need the group back again. Logan and I walk back to the sixth grade room. I’m thinking we could hang out there for a little bit and tell Mrs. Kaylee our situation. We walk back, and no one’s there. Only the clattering of containers coming from the janitor’s closet. For all the past years, it’s been awkwardly placed in the sixth grade science classroom. Logan apprehensively opens the door. Inside we hear a little squeal.
“Jayme? What are you doing in here?” Logan asked. They had both been with each other up till fourth grade. I’ve always liked Jayme’s style. . . Not that I ever liked him as a “boyfriend” or anything.
“Hiding from those ninja people.” He says. Ninja people?
“What are you talking, nonsense Jayme?” Logan asks.
“No. It really happened.” Jayme says. One simple sentence, and Logan is convinced. That’s been a bad trait about him. He can be easily deceptable.
“Jayme, be serious.” Wow, I thought I would never say that in my whole entire life. “It’s like you just said ‘I am trying to get an A+ in school!’ ” We hear a clatter of footsteps coming down the hallway. We know that help isn’t coming. Someone is chasing us. So we started to run.

We burst out the door of the school entrance, and go through the trees.
“Where exactly are we going?” I ask.
“My place,” Logan says. I hope he has food. Some Chips Ahoy cookies would be good right now. I’ll admit it. . . I’m not your healthiest eater. I’ll eat whatever is available as long as it has sugar- artificial sugar that is. We’re running down the street, following Logan, but we still haven’t lost the teacher that was chasing us. I can see him racing up from behind. We encounter this hobo sleeping on the side of Hillsborough Avenue.
“Should we get him something?” Logan asks. He’s the good doer here. But then, we realize that he isn’t asleep.
“Djyou vould parvlready ve joing a favor py giving we yourself.”
Let me translate: You would already be doing a favor by giving me yourself. It’s hard to verbally demonstrate the weirdness of someone’s voice.
“Sorry sir. I’m not sure I understand.” Logan said. The tramp started talking more clearly.
“I EATS CHILDREN! YUMMY SNACKS!” He says. All of us are terrified. Even Jayme. I’m sure we’ll all laugh about this moment . . . Later.
“RUN!” Jayme shouted. We ran as far as our legs would take us, but the tramp was still chasing us.
“My place is right over there!” Logan says. Huh? I didn’t see any vicinity or apartment complex. There was this little cave that I would have never been able to see anywhere unless he had led me there. The cave was closed on one side. It was dark and enclosed. No wonder Logan had never been claustrophobic. I see a pile of books at one end of the room, and there is a tiny fire with a flame the size of my thumb at the other side of the room. I can tell that he knows how to make a fire though. It looks as if it’s been burning for hours.
“Is this your house?” I say contently trying not to sound rude.
“Well. . . It’s not much, but it’s home.” He says. “We can go to your place. . . . if you’d like.”
“Jayme and I live on the same block. It’s probably two hours away, and four or five on foot.” We know that that’s not an option.
“We need to find something to eat.” Jayme says. “You got any food?”
“Yeah, let’s just hurry. This is a bad neighborhood.”

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2 thoughts on “Bloodstained Chapter 13

  1. Who wrote this chapter?? Isabella??


    1. No, Natalia and I worked together on it. Isabella has not contributed whatsoever to our story.


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