Amazing Ducks Chapter 2

Amazing Ducks

Chapter 2


Tommy sat on his rock, wondering why the others were so stupid. They thought it was a rocket ship. One actually thought it was a toilet and then got stuck inside. Since then, they have been trying to get the device open.

Tommy personally thought they were crazy and it was just a big fallen rock. But he finally got off his rock chair to see if his brilliance was needed. Obviously, it was. It always was.

He pushed his way through the crowd and realized it . . . Might . . . Possibly . . . Be that . . . No. It couldn’t be! He was NEVER wrong. But, there it was anyways.

  1. It was blue
  2. It said something on it
  3. It said ‘Telephone Box’

Tommy knew what it was. He had read enough to know. Well it could be two things. One, a telephone box. Two, The Doctor’s telephone box.

Now, I bet right now you would be asking “Doctor Who?” I would just say “exactly.”

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