Bloodstained Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Jayme Tell

I hate school. Just like any other ordinary twelve year old boy. I bribe Logan to do my homework, but I have to be careful with that. Logan is very picky about doing things right. If I get above a C in a homework assignment, Mrs. Kaylee might get suspicious.
Tina Parker finishes her presentation on squids.
“Thank you for listening, everyone,” she says.
Yeah, right. Like I was actually listening. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to actually have to listen in class. Poor logan who actually tries. It must be torture to actually try. I can’t think of anything worse than actually making your teachers happy. How does that seventh grader, cathleen, even live? Finally, something interesting happens. These ninja people with black masks enter the room. Oh. If only Lauren was here. She could kick them to the death. Something exciting actually happening at this school. It’s time to bust outta this popsicle stand, I think.

3 thoughts on “Bloodstained Chapter 11

  1. JemmaT

    I know some of you may have read the earlier version that I posted of Jayme’s chapter and got a little freaked out. Yes, no capitals or punctuation. We were trying to do creative writing, but I decided it didn’t really work out.


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