Bloodstained Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Jenna Holloway

I feel a hand reach behind me and stuff a cotton ball down my throat. Someone ties a cloth around my mouth.
When I’m in the basement of my own school, I feel a strange feeling come over me. Where was Cathleen? The last place I saw her was going to the bathroom. I saw a huge sack that was just bouncing around. I looked around the room. I saw all of my friends except for Olivia, Lauren, and Cathleen. I realized the sack must have been Lauren. Typical. Lauren was the person who would fight and fight and fight to get out of something. I finally noticed that there was in fact the whole school down here! I was surrounded by gagged students. But only one sack. Lauren would be the only person in the school violent enough to have to be contained in a sack. I go over to the sack. There is a fork in my pocket. Lauren is violently tossing herself around. I rip open the bag’s thick cloth with my plastic fork. Lauren gives a big breath. Of course, she isn’t being serious about this at all.
“You should’ve been there.” She says. “It was like, I swallowed my foot while these weirdos carried me over here.” I can’t talk. I point to my throat, and the ugly cloth thing that’s covering my mouth. Lauren snatches the fork from my hand, and rips the cloth apart, but the fork breaks.
“MY SPORK!” Lauren cries, loud enough for everyone to hear. I point to the end of the fork. She uses that to fish the cotton ball out of my throat. “Ew!” She says.
“That’s a fork, not a spork.” I explain.
“SPORKIE!” Lauren argues back. I don’t get in an argument with her about something unrelated and stupid.
“Where’s Cathleen?” I ask.
“You really care about the squirt?” Lauren replies.
“Listen, Cathleen may be helpless, but we need her. I saw her in the bathroom. She might be in danger. We need to help her,” I say.
“Yeah, yeah, well. I didn’t take seven years of Karate, five years of Taekwondo, and three classes of Krav Maga for nothin’.” Lauren says. “Hopefully there’ll be some sort of maniac waitin’ to get defeated by the evil LAUREN TWIGS!” She says. She likes to joke that her last name is twigs because that’s what it sounds like. Lauren over reacts and gets crazy when she is in a scary situation. It’s almost as if she actually enjoys it.
“I must admit. You are the martial arts master.” Lauren feels flattered.
“I have a good question.”
“Where are we, and how do we get out of here?” Now that’s a question I can’t answer. I know this much: We are in a dirty basement with ugly carpet. I can’t help but think, what would Mila Cole do in a situation like this? Mila Cole is from my favorite book that I wrote. She is a bit like Alice from “Alice and Her Adventures in Wonderland” but less clueless. She has the ability to travel between worlds. But she is basically a fugitive. Actually, come to think of it, it’s more like the “Anyone But Ivy Pocket” series. Hopefully, you get the idea.
Well, right now she would probably come up with some excuses for why she needs to go back up. No, she would probably take action on the spot. So I look for my friends. I saw them earlier down here, but I can’t find them now.
I feel like I’ve been searching for five hours, when I’ve really only been searching for twenty-five minutes. I found the others, but only two are missing. No Cathleen or Olivia.

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