Bloodstained Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Olivia Carter

We walk downstairs, and there’s no one there. One of the sixth graders, Tina Parker, is finishing this lame presentation on squids. So, I look around some more. Nothing. I go inside Ms. Perkins’s classroom. There is absolutely no one in there. I walk over to my unfinished crumpled math homework. I de-crumple it to reveal a big fat F. There’s this coin inside it. It was never there before. I look at it. It seems to be made of gold, or something. Logan’s eyes are as wide as I’ve ever seen them.
“What the heck are you looking at?” I ask.
“The coin,” he says. “I think I’ve seen it before.”


I’m sorry for the short chapters. It is hard to agree on things when writing in a group of three. I would rather have longer chapters, but I am going with the flow.

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