Bloodstained Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Logan Peterson

I’ve been looking at Miranda now for five minutes. I’m just standing there being helpless and unproductive. I forget about the fact that maple syrup is coming down my face.
“Would you quit it? You’ve been looking at the same thing for hours.” Liv complains. I slowly edge away from the nurse’s office. “Listen, we need to find Mr. Paul.” He was the front desk administrator.
“Well, duh. Fact about me for the day: I’m not stupid.” Liv says.
“Are you sure about that?”
“Are you sure you don’t want more syrup on your head?”
“I’m fine. Thanks.” Liv shrugs.
“How am I supposed to tell Cathleen about this without her bombing it out to the entire school?” I ask.
“For once you ask a sensible question.” Liv says. “Anyhow, I dunno. Or you can just not tell her at all. Just tell her that Miranda went home and forgot to tell us.”
“You know I can’t lie! That’s your strength! You can always see the guilt behind my eyes. I once tried to fib on Cathleen in fifth grade, and she could tell.”
“Just try your best, and put yourself in those circumstances. What would you do if Miranda was just going home?” I nodded. We stormed downstairs. My life just got harder and easier at the same time. No one is in any classroom or downstairs for that matter. As far as I can see.

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