Bloodstained Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Cathleen Harper

When people think of me, the first thing they think is “goody goody.” I hate being called that. I try to do the right thing to succeed in school, and I get teased for it. The teachers love that quality though, and as long as I’m making them happy, everything’s alright. Well, mostly. I still just wish everyone wouldn’t make fun of me or talk about me behind my back. I have even been called ‘goody-goody’ and ‘overly nice’ by my own friend.
The next day we have our Valentine’s Day mini celebration. There are donut holes, chocolate truffles, cupcakes, and cake slices on one table the which most of the kids go right towards. On a separate table, there are different fruit plates. I go towards there first because I am still going on my four month sugar free diet- artificial sugar. Miranda is slouched against the wall in the corner of the room. I offer her some cantaloupe spheres, but she rejects them immediately without hesitation. I’ve never known what’s really been going on with her. I ask. Through a series of moans and coughs she explains that she’s been sick for the whole year. I had known that. But did she have some sort of disease thing? Miranda has always been one of the smartest people I’ve met besides Logan. The kid skipped fourth grade for heaven’s sake! He’s one of the younger ones in our grade. . . Well not our grade. He’s in eighth and ninth grade, typically. We don’t have a ninth grade. He gets special tutoring.
I pull up a chair and start talking to her.
“What’s wrong?” Miranda shakes her head and looks down. I’ve known that feeling. I thought she may have been about to cry. I had never been as sick as her, but I have been so sick I could cry at times. So I took it as my job to comfort her. “No, seriously, it’s okay to tell me. If you don’t want me to tell, I won’t. Promise.” Many people had confided in me. I had never told anyone. I was probably the most trustworthy person in the school.
“Getting . . . Worse . . .” Miranda rasped out.
“Miranda, you need to go up to the office.” Liv comes storming through, and sort of nudges me out of the way. Miranda gives a slight nod.
I start to talk “I will-” she pinches two fingers together, and moves them across her lips. Body language for zip it. I don’t want to argue with her or else I may get into trouble, so she takes Miranda up.
I sigh. I wish Miranda liked me more. She seems to like Liv a lot more than me. And she was friends with Jenna because they both loved to write. She liked Lauren because- let’s get real- Lauren is hilarious with all her crazy stunts and such. But me? Why would she like me?
I hope she would learn to like me. I trudge back over to my lunch table and start playing with my meatball on the lunch tray. Out of nowhere, I hear a scream. I jump out of my seat to help, but I seem to trip over something and everything went black. The lights are turned out. I rush to the the bathroom, the lights are out there too.

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