Bloodstained Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Olivia Carter

Nothing exciting ever happens at Truemrend Academy. Just the plain old boring stuff. Same routine. I had always been known as the class clown, Cathleen was the goody-two-shoes artist, Jenna had the literature smarts, Lauren was the chill daredevil, and Miranda was the brains. All of us were very different yet we would never let each other go. Cathleen is super nice, but she can be a bit of a nuisance. Her favorite quote is; “I don’t think we should do that, guys. I don’t want to get into trouble.” I hate when she catches me in the bathroom, doing my homework or spilling water with yellow food coloring all over the floor.
A few years ago I pulled the best prank ever. I spilled gel glue (the slippery stuff that sticks to your shoes) all over the floor. Next thing I know, Mrs. Koe is flat on her back, screaming, and trying to get herself out of the puddle of goo. There is instant laughter throughout the whole class. Everybody hates Mrs. Koe. It’s a rare and happy moment when you get to play a good prank on her. She’s been working here for thirty years now, so she knows the place well, and how to get people into trouble. There is laughing and more laughing. I whisper to Miranda, I think her skirt is falling off. She giggles. Thing is, I’m not good at whispering, and Mrs. Koe hears that. She finally hoists herself up and out of the glue. The laughing stops.
“Which one of you was responsible for this?” She asked. That’s the one thing I’m good at. Lying.

That was two years ago, when everything was fine. It’s different now.

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  2. I only edited on this chapter


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