Cake: Chapter 1

I have not finished this story yet, but I do intend to. So each time I write a new chapter, I will give you the update and post it. But here’s what I’ve got so far, so enjoy!

 Chapter 1

A Hint of Flour 
Piggle the kitten was your ordinary, hyper kitten. She was the smartest in her grade and read two whole levels ahead of most her age. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom except in the winter, when she’d live with her dad. But living with her mom was her favorite because her best friend, Danny the squirrel, lived next door in their little village and her dad lived in an abandoned corner of Europe.
Piggle went outside and looked to see if Danny was waiting for her. As usual, he was. She waved at him and he waved back. Danny was a short, skinny squirrel, the color of birch wood. His fur was dull next to the the pitch black of Piggle’s. Each were both about four inches high, and deathly afraid of pink fuzz balls.
“Piggle!” Danny chordled. “I know what we’re going to do today!”
“Ooh! Ooh! Whatcha got?”
“Kay, get ready for this: WE MAKE CAAAAAAKE!” Piggle started screaming with excitement and she and Danny ran down the sidewalk, squealing. They almost floated back to Danny’s house, imagining what flavor they would make. And they were thinking the same thing; a Lemonberry Dream Cake. It had been their lifelong legacy to make one ever since they were invited to Robert’s party a year ago. This is how it came to be:
Robert was the foreign exchange student from Canada. It was Robert’s first month in America, so he had a party and invited everyone the grade. Robert and Piggle were super excited. There was supposed to be a hypnotist! Piggle was the only one to raise a hand when he asked for volunteers.
“You . . . Like . . . Frying . . . Pans . . .” The hypnotist said, waving a coin on a necklace.
“No, I don’t.”
“You . . . Like . . . Caaake. . .”
“Okay, I gotta admit, the cake here is pretty yummers.” Instead of looking in the giraffe’s eyes, she finally looked at the coin on the necklace he was swinging. Her pupils started shrinking as she stared at the waving coin.
“I . . . Like . . . Caaaake . . .” Piggle repeated.
“You want to make a Lemonberry Dream Caaaake. . .” The hypnotist said.
“I want to make a Lemonberry Dream Cake. . . HA HA! Psyche!” Piggle threw a tomato at the giraffe. She had totally faked being hypnotized! Then Danny threw a tomato too. And soon enough, the whole crowd was throwing tomatoes, even Robert! After the party, Danny and Piggle decided that exactly one year from that day, they would make a Lemonberry Dream Cake to tease the hypnotist giraffe. And today was that day.
Piggle and Danny headed into Danny’s home. They past his tiny living room and past his mom’s tiny office. They found his tiny kitchen and got the recipe that had been sticking to the fridge for a year.
“Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. First, we need to get . . . Mommy! I need some help reading this!” Danny yelled.
“Danny, you’re such a kidder! Now, c’mon!”
“Umm. . . Okay! We need 8 cups of ssss-uuuh-gggggg-aaaaaar.”
“Danny, doesn’t that say 3? And sugar?”
“Umm . . . Nope!” Danny dumped the whole 10 cups worth bag into the bowl. From then on, Piggle did the rest of the reading. Danny just mixed everything. Piggle, as bold as she was, decided that she could put things in the oven by herself. She got the bowl, with some of the ingredients spilling over the sides as she wobbled it and shoved it in the oven. An, no surprise, she got burned.
“Ow, ow, ow, ow, OWWWW!” Piggle whined.
They got Danny’s mom to put it in the oven after that. She treated Piggle’s wound with a little whipped cream and some bandages. Then they waited. And waited. And waited. After five whole minutes of waiting, Danny had an idea!
“Hey, let’s go play outside!” He said.
“Okay,” Piggle replied. They sprinted to the front door and started searching the neighborhood. For what, you ask? Well, they buried catnip and nuts around their block in case they were cornered by evil villains so they could get an energy boost to escape. But that didn’t matter now, because they needed to use it to put into the frosting of their cake.

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5 thoughts on “Cake: Chapter 1

  1. what a creative story so far! Can’t wait to see what happens next.


    1. Thanks! It is one I started in 2015.


  2. chicken lover 3 March 24, 2016 — 8:03 pm

    I remember this one!
    Can’t wait to see chapter 2!


  3. If you’d like, you can help write it!


    1. Sure! If you need any help, let me know!


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