Amazing Ducks 



        Tommy was a duck. He was different then all the others. They all wanted to rocket to the moon, but Tommy said that was nonsense and gibberish. IMPOSSIBLE. That was all about to change, though. There was about to be a breakthrough. Literally. Something was heading their way and heading fast. A bullet? A missile? A rocket to the moon? Hopefully not. Tommy always liked to be right. ALWAYS! There has never once been a time that he was wrong, now that he thought about it.

But now the thing was about to crash into the pond.

“QUACK QUACK QUAAAAACK!” Commander Duck said.

“QUAAACCKKK! QUAAAAAACCK! QUAAAAACK!” Sargent Duck ordered. They followed the commands and started climbing up a tree. They reached a hollowed-out hole and one duck climbed inside. The rest kept on climbing, to the very top of the tree. By then, the bullet . . . Rocket . . . Thing . . . was inches away from the ground. And, unfortunately, they might be to. The ducks heard a SNAP! CRACK! WOOSH! and . . . Bang. They hit the ground with a thud. The something that had been rocketing toward them had now landed in their pond and snapped a log in two. It was now wedged into the bottom of the pond.

The ducks all rushed toward it. What could it be?






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