Romane Noodles and the Mediocre Chicken

Once there was a child named Romane Noodles. He hated chickens. And people, for that matter. It all ended when Romane’s sister came home one day with a new pet.

“Romane! I got a new animal!” Their house was practically a petting zoo already.

“Who-hoo,” Romane said in a monotone. He turned around from his supposed fourth grade homework (adding 6 + 2) and shrieked. Because his sister, Spaghetti, had gotten a pet chicken. No one really knew what bothered him so much about them, but he definitely hated them.

The chicken got so provoked by the high-pitched torture that he jumped right onto Romane’s head. That was the last anyone heard of Romane Noodles.

I thought up the idea with chickenlover3.

5 thoughts on “Romane Noodles and the Mediocre Chicken

  1. Chickenlover3

    You didn’t have the chicken jump on romain’s head and poke his eyeballs out! I am ashamed Jemma. You spelled Romain wrong too! You are wacked out today.


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