Ron Weasley and the Great Big Toilet

Hi, Everbody! Today I’m going to post my first Harry Potter fan fiction! It is going to be about Ron. It is based off of some fan fiction I did with my babysitter. (And, Gio, if you are reading this, you are awesome.) Alright, here it goes.

Ron sat on his bed, bored. Fred and George were away “doing normal afternoon stuff”, Charlie was off training dragons, his dad was at work, his mom was with Ginny in the kitchen, talking about starting Hogwarts and what to expect, and Bill was doing prefect business. He wished Harry was with him. Suddenly, he heard a gurgling sound from the toilet. He walked down the hall and into the bathroom.

Huh, thought Ron. I wonder what dad did this time. The toilet just sat there for about 5 minutes. The instant Ron turned away, he heard the noise again. Ron looked back at it.

“Eh.” He said and walked back to his room. Then he heard a different sound. It was a clomp. Ron spun on his heal and, to his surprise, right there, in the hallway was the toilet, water leaking everywhere. Ron ran back into his room and spotted his wand on his bed. He grabbed it and tried to think of a spell- Any spell!

“Umm. . . Accio Harry Potter. . . ?” Nothing. “Ooh! Incendio!” A fire roared up, Burning everything it could. But not the toilet. “Aargh! Bloody muggle toilet!”

The toilet hopped toward Ron through the flames. Suddenly, Molly rushed upstairs.

“Ronald Weasley, what are you doing?”

“Well, so, uh. . .”

“Never mind. Explanation later. ” Molly shouted out the extinguishing spell and the fire went out. Ron was still ducking in front of the toilet. Molly rolled her eyes at him and forced it back into a regular toilet.

“What was that thing?” Ron asked.

“Your father was doing a little . . . Experiment with some thrown away muggle things.”

“I’ll say.”

“I told him! But no, he was to obsessed.” They heard the front door bang open and closed. “Fred, George,  is that you?”

“No, it’s Harry. Of course it is!” Fred said. They walked upstairs to see their mom with her wand in her hand and Ron, soaking wet with toilet water. They burst out laughing.

“What’d you do, Ron, have the toilet explode on your head?” George asked.

“To bad we weren’t there to see it!” They kept laughing.

“Fred! George! Stop laughing and help me clean up!”

“Yes, mum.” By now, Ginny was wondering what was going on. She came up to the mess. She giggled as she looked at Ron.

“What is this, a free-for-all Hunydukes sale?” Ron said, annoyed.

“Ron!” Mrs. Weasley said sharply.

“Okay.” He trudged over to his wand and dried himself off. Then he looked at their clock and groaned. His dad was on his way home. “Hey, mum, any chance I could leave everyone and go to the quidditch game?”


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5 thoughts on “Ron Weasley and the Great Big Toilet

  1. Jemma, I love this! You really capture the Ron I got to know in the series, and I can just picture (because of your description and the conversations) the mess unfolding. Your storybook really made me chuckle! Love your blog!


  2. LOVE IT. Jemma, you are a gifted writer. J.K Rowling should give you a call sometime. 👍


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