Romeo and Chickelet

chick war 9

There was a war going on between the Blue Chicks and the Yellow Chicks.
The Pink Chicks were on the Blue Chick’s side.
Well, all except one-Chickelet.
She was in love with a Yellow Chick. That was Romeo.
There was a time that Romeo and Chickelet were discovered by Chickelet’s friend. She said she would cover for her that time, but if it happened again, she would tell everyone. A war was going on, but that wouldn’t stop their love. Romeo and Chickelet had planned another walk, and Chickelet went early, for she was excited. She began to grow tired, so she took a nap. Romeo came to her side immediately and thought she was dead. He killed himself so he could be with her. She woke up to find her Romeo dead, so she killed herself too so they could be together.

The End

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