Freddie the Knight and Tim the Dragon

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Timothy, Tim for short. Tim didn’t like the other dragons. Dragons ate bunnies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Tim loved bunnies. Even his best friend was a bunny named Laser (who can shoot lasers out of his ears but, never does). One day, Laser and Tim were walking  in the Deep Dark Scary Woods  when  Freddie the Knight (yes, that  one) came riding in seeking a dragon for dinner.

He was seeking a dragon for dinner because he wished to marry the beautiful Princess Amanda, who said she would marry any man who brought home a dragon for dinner. And thus he began his search.

So, let’s get back to Tim and Laser. They were on their walk, playing a marvelous game of eye spy on their way. “Ha ha! I have finally won a game!” Tim said joyfully. But his joy was soon interrupted by Freddie who had appeared out of the trees and lunged at Tim. “Now I’ve got you!”

“Ahhh!” Tim screamed in reply. (Tim was very afraid of knights.) “Don’t kill me! Let’s play eye spy instead!” Freddie considered this.

“Let us.” He finally said.

Eventually, Tim and Freddie became great friends, and they forgot all about Princess Amanda and Laser . Laser didn’t like being left out and he was getting angrier and angrier,  and that was not good. It was not good because Laser didn’t have any other friends, and none of the other knights wanted to go, because Freddie hadn’t come back yet. Laser wanted revenge. His plan was to take over the world and destroy both Freddie and Tim. But they didn’t know this.

Laser needed some way to put his evil plan in action. And then it hit him. Kind of.

“Eat him! Eat him!” A crowd of dragons chanted.

“Wait! I’m not a regular bunny. I’ve seen how much you dislike Tim. I want to destroy him and his friend the knight. Are you with me?” The dragons thought it over. And they never really liked Tim; the bunny loving beast. Finally, the head dragon said:

“Yes.” Some of the other dragons groaned.

“YOU DARE TO QUESTION  MY DECISIONS?!” The head dragon bellowed with such force, some of the dragons fell over.

“No sir.” The dragons who had disagreed earlier said in shaky voices. Suddenly, red light shot from Laser’s ears onto a tree; killing it. Everyone turned to Laser.

“Now do you see why it was a good decision to not kill me?” The dragons could only nod their heads in awe.

“My words are always wise.” The head dragon said, obviously  showing off. “Now, let’s go destroy Tim.” He said in the same way as if he said, “Now, let’s take a walk.”

“Oh! Oh!” Tim said, “A tree!”

“Right again!” Tim and Freddie were playing a game of eye spy, and it was the 45th time in a row that Freddie choose a tree. And just at that second, there was an ambush. It was Laser and the dragons.


“No problem.” Freddie said casually. He sliced apart most of the dragons’ flesh, until only the head dragon was left.

“You dare to threaten Armelianis the dragon?!” The head dragon, Armelianis, said. And suddenly, Freddie recognized the dragon. That is the first dragon I ever fought. Freddie thought, That is the dragon I melted.

There it was. The dragon Freddie melted. His name was Armelianis, apparently. So, Armelianis the head dragon was about to kill Freddie and Tim. I know what you’re thinking. If Freddie defeated Armelianis already, isn’t he a ghost? No. Dragons come back to life, and, they’re more powerful than before. So Tim and Freddie were gonna die. But here’s where Narrator power comes in. If I narrate something that isn’t true, I can make it real. So here I go.

Tim didn’t want any friend of his to get hurt, so he decided to be the knight for once.

“YOU WILL NOT MESS WITH MY FRIEND!” Tim said, as he charged at Armelianis. His charge was so great, Armelianis fell, never to breathe again. Now that Armelianis was dead, Laser was on his own.(Just to let you know, this is all really happening).


“No.” Freddie said.


“No.”Freddie repeated.

“YOU WILL SERVE ME!!!!!!!” This time, Laser got so mad he shot a laser, directly pointing it at Tim. But a miracle  happened. As the laser shot through the air, Freddie jumped in front of Tim, with his shield in front of him. The laser bounced off of Freddie’s shield, redirecting its target to Laser. When it hit him, he didn’t die. Instead, Laser became himself again. Not the want-to-kill-Tim Laser, but the friends-with-everyone Laser. The good Laser. And from then on, Laser, Tim, and Freddie were all friends. Oh, and Laser never remembered his evil phase.


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