Freddie the Knight

Once upon a time there was a knight named Frederick Silverpants, who lived in the small yet lively kingdom of Clearmontia. He was not very good when it came to fighting but he was a kind person and helped whenever he could. He was tall with mousy brown hair that just barely covered his eyebrows. He was not particularly handsome though his eyes were a nice shade of green and he was often though of as incredibly normal.

Nothing ever happened to the knight named Freddie until one day he was called in front of the king and queen of Clearmontia. The king and queen gladly gave Freddie a quest. It never occured to Freddie that they would give him a quest. He was expected to go out in the forest and slay a dragon all alone. But he felt a big disappointed. He knew it’s not every single day you get such an honor like this one. But he felt lonely. Every day he trained, studied and prepared. Something didn’t feel right.

Freddie found out what he was missing when he met the dragon. He was afraid of dragons, fire, and well, mostly dragons. Also, pretty much everything else. So he decided to run for it.

When he got back, he hid. The king found him and gave him a ruler spanking and said, “Go sit in the corner and think about your life.”

Freddie Silverpants the knight thought about his life (while sitting on a stool in the corner of course) for a long hard while. Eventually Freddie realized he was not a happy knight. He figured out that he was not happy because he didn’t have any friends who were also knights. He thought that maybe if he could find somebody to go on the quest with him, he would have the courage to face the dragon.

So he went out to find a knight friend. This to-be friend was naturally called Sir Archibald Fifillets the fiteenth (most people just called him Fish.)

Fish pulled Freddy up hills and through rivers until they came to the cave. Fish yelled into the cave, “Hey, stupid dragon. You stink.”

BIG MISTAKE. Big mistake.

The dragon chased them all the way across the world, at least that’s what it felt like. Fish climbed into a barrel and rolled somewhere into another town. “Save yourselves!” someone cried. Freddie knew he had to do something. All those poor peaple were being torchered and he caused it!

“Excuse me! Um, Mr. dragon, go away!” He hadn’t thought about what to say to an angry dragon before. The dragon turned around and targeted Freddie. Freddie held up his sword while shaking frantically. The dragon bent Freddie’s sword like it was a piece of paper.So the battle raged on until the day light peered in. The dragon tried to escape while Freddie stared in astonishment. The dragon was melting.

Freddie was treated like a hero from then on and Fish was treated like a coward. Freddie overcame his fears and it all turned out ok.


3 thoughts on “Freddie the Knight

  1. Nice story I didn’t know knights got spankings.


    1. Thanks! I love when people give me feedback!


    2. chicken lover 3 May 4, 2016 — 1:31 pm



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